We love to be included in gospel sings and we also enjoy hosting them.  We have been included in the sings at Decatur, IL when they would bring in the bigger name groups like Dixie Melody Boys, The Lesters, and we got to open for them one year. We participated in Rockome Gardens Gospel Music Weekend for 4 years before they changed the genre. We sang along side 2 other groups each year. We have been included in many area gospel sings with a variety of groups and we appreciate that.
We would love to be included in your gospel sing whether it is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday


In 2009 we started hosting a Gospel Music Fest.  This would be in different towns and we usually did this 2 times a year. Basically we would have a host location that would assist with getting the word out and they would also supply the food.  The church would use this as fundraising.  At first it ran Friday night for 3 hours and Saturday for 6 hours, but we found that 1 day was better to bring groups in and also more people came out to listen.  The sings now run 3-4 hours on a Saturday afternoon or early evening.  There is no charge except for food and drinks.  Groups can set up a merchandising table and sometimes a donation bucket is put out to help groups with their travel. 

If you are interested in having a Gospel Music Fest in our town just contact us and we can work out the details.


If you are looking for someone to fill the pulpit while your pastor is on vacation, taking time off, or your church is in the process of looking for a new pastor -  we can do that. We love to minister through music.  The songs should uplift and encourage one another.  Many times as we sing, Ray or Cindy will talk before a song and this could include scripture or bible stories. Most times it has to do with the upcoming song.   Instead of hearing just one message, you may hear several during the course of service.  

We love to minister to seniors.  We go to nursing homes, assisted living, supportive living and retirement homes.  We also sing for many senior meetings, banquets, dinners and senior centers.
We would love to come sing for your senior activity.


This is a time where you wear your cowboy hats, cowboy boots and denim and come together to worship Jesus.  Whether it is outside, at a fair, festival or even at your church, we have a group of musicians and singers who come and play familiar songs so those in attendance can sing along and feel like they are a part of the event.  We can invite those in attendance to come on stage and sing but we ask that they sing with the musicians present.                                                                                                                       (This means no soundtracks can be used).